Construction Claims & Final Accounts

Construction Claims & Final Accounts

In the Construction industry there are inevitably situations which will arise where it is necessary to either prepare or defend a claim.

We are able to undertake work at a client’s office or site to prepare or defend claims for extensions of time and prolongation or disruption costs.

We initially review the contractual and legal entitlement together with analysis of the facts and records relied upon. (In pursuing a claim there must be contractual and factual information to support it).

We analyse the impact of delay and disruption upon planned progress and demonstrate a link between cause and effect. We then demonstrate the actual loss and/or expense incurred and present the claim in a persuasive and professional manner.

It can be advantageous that we review record keeping and documentation at the commencement of a project, in order that the correct contemporaneous records are kept, in the event that they may be required to support a claim at a later date.

During the currency of a contract we can advise on and produce proper evaluation of variations to the works/compensation events, to facilitate payment of contractual entitlements (both financial and time) to completion of the contract.

There may be outstanding delay claim issues upon completion of the works, or the requirement to defend the application of liquidated damages. We can retrospectively analyse delay and disruption utilizing site records in order to produce a persuasive loss and expense claim at this stage.

Often upon completion of the works the project may require valuation/measurement of quantum with the inclusion of variations and necessary claims, in order to produce an accurate and substantiated Final Account for submission to the client and negotiation of settlement.

We have the necessary skills required for the resolution of difficult and contentious construction accounts which are produced in a clear and unambiguous manner to enable adjudication, arbitration, mediation or litigation proceedings to follow should negotiation prove unsuccessful. 

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